Shadow Factory are an unorthodox but groovy trio made up of  Tom Cook, Peter Shearn and Bev Knowlden.

We play original music developed by ourselves with an ear to varied and stimulating rhythm based jazz/rock/pop of the modern type.

We aren’t proud and we’ve found that appropriating styles from music we like is both satisfying and stimulating – so don’t be surprised if you hear the influences of this centurys cajun, punk, ska, african, zeppelin or even val doonican influences in our music. If we think it sounds good, we’ll do it. We cover a few well known songs too, such as Walk on the Wild Side, Brubecks Take 5 and the Theme from Get Carter for example but we dont recreate the originals – we mash them into our own unique style.



As a live band we use live loops and sampling during many of the tunes.

Our new album ‘thanksa’ of which we are beamingly chuffed with is now available direct from us on CD or from your favoured online retailer – search for ‘Shadow Factory Thanksa’ – Buy it – you wont regret it!

We also have a recording disc featuring the three tracks from ‘Clocking In’ from 2011, four tracks from ‘Demo Tapes’ and a bonus live rendition of ‘Marry Archie’. There are also some exclusive tracks on our music page on this site. You might also want to check out our soundcloud page.



Shadow Factory have been together since 2010 and we would like to play more venues and in a wider area so email peter@shadowfactory.co.uk and engage us. You can also ask for more in an information pack if you want to know more about what we can do for you.


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