This is recording of our soundtrack that we performed live in Totnes Cinema of November 15th 2018

Peter – Guitars, Loops, Samples      Bev – Saxophones, Loops, Synthesizer     Tom – Drums & Percussion
We were there on invitation from Transition Town Totnes Film Festival – Turn up your sound and enjoy the craziness that is The Seashell & the Clergyman

At last! Here’s our first proper pop video. It’s for our single, The Beat Poets and is now available from Amazon, iTunes, etc. It was made for us by the fabulous Tony Shearn Who has made pop videos for Buckethead, The Mediaevil Baebes, Elton John and even Curiosity Killed The Cat no less!

Here’s a promo video that was made for us by a fabulous youthful director of photography, Joe Cook
It’s basically a selling job for our band so watch it and then book us. Any questions?

I no u no is a song we put together nearly 2 years ago and the music for this was recorded quite a while back. I think this is a live take during a practice session.
We’ve developed it a bit further now but I quite like the raw style of this version – hope you like it too.



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