Welcome to the sound of Shadow Factory

Do pop over to Itunes or Amazon or Spotify and invest a few pennies in our┬ádamn fine new album ‘thanksa’

Here we are presenting exclusive music to be found nowhere else…

First of all, you havent the time but want to know what Thanksa sounds like dont you?

So here it is – the entire album in just a few minutes:


This is one of the tracks that didn’t make it onto the thanksa album: Take a Risk
Take a Risk

A live favourite but it didn’t fit into the shape of the other songs on the record and so we decided to drop it entirely from the CD. Therefore this is the only place where you can hear this heavy rock track. It features Tom on Drums, Peter on Bass and Guitars and Bev on Saxes and the djembe percussion break. Recorded and mixed by Peter.

Pump up the loudness potentiometer and have a listen to the lilting Neptune:



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